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Criteria for judging projects

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Open international contest of go promotional projects

Criteria for judging projects


  • Are there measurable objectives?
  • Are the objectives reached?
  • Are the goals relevant?

Several basic categories of objectives could be distinguished, such as:

  • Increasing public awareness,
  • Strengthening existing Go communities,
  • Supporting the organization of Go promotion itself.


  • What is the ratio between human and financial input on the one hand and the outcome on the other?


  • Is the project unique in its nature?
  • Does the project open new perspectives for the promotion of Go?


  • Does the project make use of new opportunities, social developments, (marketing) strategies, technologies, social media?


  • Is further development of the project promising?


  • Is the project a good example to follow in similar circumstances at other places?


  • Is the project highly independent of specific capacities or knowledge of the person(s) needed to run it?


  • If apparent alternatives already exist for the methods or materials used, how are the differences evaluated?


  • How is the project presented in external relationships (partners)?
  • Can the presentation appeal to the target audience?


  • If the project involves go-technical content of its own, what is the value of it?

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